Efficient and functional HR tools are key elements of an effective HR management. You will have the opportunity to integrate automated HR tools along with our services. By using our solutions, you will simplify your HR processes and enable your employees to complete their HR related tasks in an efficient manner.  

Our services can be supplemented by the following tools:


The digital personnel file is our solution for an efficient and easy administration of your personnel files. Instead of traditional paper files, all personnel-related documents can be accessed electronically, online and at the press of a button in the digital personnel file. It is a simple, fast, intuitive and secure solution with custom defined access rights.

The reduction of research time, the simultaneous use across locations and a legally compliant filing are but a few advantages this solution offers.


With our web application, your recruitments will be managed in a paperless and efficient manner. Your candidates can submit their application quicklyelectronically and will directly communicate with HC Solutions and your company. We will screen all incoming candidates and only submit applications that correspond with the requirements of the open position.  

Our e-recruiting solution is web based, can be used from any location and does not require an additional IT installation.


By using an electronic absence tracking system you can closely and electronically track your employee's absences such as holidays, military service or sickness, create reports and identify issues at an early stage. By focusing on a paperless solution, your employees' and managements' administrative workload will be reduced to a minimum. Our e-absence tool is web based, can be used from any location and does not require an additional IT installation.

An electronic time tracking system enables your employees to transparently and easily track their working hours. Time tracking software swiftly identifies discrepancies with company regulations and legal requirements and enables you to quickly react with countermeasures. The time tracking system can be easily combined with our electronic absence management system.

Personality Tests

Myers-Briggs Typenindikator (MBTI)

The MBTI® tool is used to develop an employee's natural potentials and achieve an effective communication. We usually use this aptitude testing procedure in a team building context, management coachings as well as conflict and change management processes. More information on the MBTI instrument can be found here.

SHL OPQ personality test

Recruiting a new team member is a key HR process and has to be done with high diligence. When recruiting a skilled expert, a manager or a Sales specialist we successfully work the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) by SHL. The SHL OPQ is one of the most widely used and respected measures of workplace behavioral styles in the world.

Capability Tests

SHL Verify capability tests

Capability tests are used to objectively measure problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities in order to effectively predict success on the job and to identify high-caliber talent efficiently, accurately and securely. In recruiting, we work with the internationally acknowledged SHL Verify tests including numerical, verbal and mechanical comprehension tests.